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My Services

You may be going through a difficult time in your life and your experiences may be too painful to live with or too confusing to  make sense of. You may have had some loses that is hard to comprehend or accept, or you are feeling lost within yourself.


You might have anger issues, work related stress, feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt, or may be giving some automatic responses to situations that you are not happy with.

You might well be a highly functioning achiever with sealed anxiety or insomnia.


Or you may be feeling low or depressed. You may have relationship or commitment/attachment issues, you may feel like something isn’t quite right and your mind is constantly racing with thoughts, worries and regrets.


You may feel you need to be more assertive, insert healthy boundaries or build up your confidence to become your best self.


Or you may just be willing to connect and move within your inner world with peace and ease.

Therapy is about having the space to explore your issues, difficulties and reflecting on somewhat conflicting feelings or confusing behaviours. We all have the potential to grow and change when were given the right environment. By exploring unhelpful habits and destructive behaviours that might be ingrained in us, and bringing awareness how our past experiences colouring the current ones can bring awareness. And through awareness we can grow.

Some Issues I work with

Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Domestic/Sexual abuse, Post-traumatic stress, PTSD, Self-Harm, Trauma, Eating disorders, Personal development, Cultural issues, Identity issues, Existential worries, Self esteem, Women's issues, Pregnancy, Motherhood, perinatal mental health, Relationships, Stress reduction, Work related issues (including burnout, compassion fatigue or secondary trauma), Anger, Suicidal thoughts, Adverse childhood experiences, attachment issues, adjustment to a new country, culture, career, community or language.

I offer consultancy to organisations around staff wellbeing. I provide needs assessment, surveys and analysis to identify gaps, improve policy and practice and provide overall strategy and recommendations.

I design and deliver tailored trainings on various topics including self-care, vicarious trauma, workplace stress, burnout, compassionate communication, boundaries.I provide one on one wellbeing sessions and recovery action plans to staff who are struggling at work, with MH and/or experiencing burnout, stress, vicarious trauma. 


I facilitate workshops and reflective practice sessions for teams and organisations. I provide support to teams that are experiencing internal conflicts, change and challenges. 

These sessions more tailored towards helping professionals who work with trauma, survivors, human rights, social work and so on. Training and workshops help identify the issues and build strategies to manage these in order to maintain staff wellbeing. I also offer trainings for managers how to support staff wellbeing and assess mental health and wellbeing. 

Please contact for more info.

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