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Mental Health and Wellbeing during the pandemic

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Looking after your mental health is crucial during the pandemic, perhaps more than ever..

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I am providing counselling via phone, or online video.

Currently all face-to-face work is on hold.


Just over a few weeks ago, the problems and issues you were worried about might have felt very different from today’s. The world has been going through a rapid change due to the coronavirus pandemic and although it may feel frightening, it is also a reminder of how closely connected we all are and the importance of having support while many are in self-isolation.

With all the changes happening around us, you may be feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, lonely or panicky.  Right now, it may feel like there is too much to adjust and you might be feeling disorientated or out of control as you may be feeling uncertain about the future, and perhaps most of your plans are suddenly on hold, even very big and important ones. You may be worrying about your loved ones, or perhaps lost someone close to you during the outbreak. You may have concerns about financial sustainability and your job. 

Or you may be having some existential questions, looking to make sense of this and find meaning and purpose in it.

Whether you are looking for some holding space, containment and support  to manage this, while the whole world is going through something unprecedented; or needing space to reflect on your response to what is happening; or wanting to work on more long-lasting issues, receiving professional support for your Mental Health and well-being is important more than ever. 

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